The people of the combined City-States have grown weary of the constant threat of invasion and destruction. The Plague of Gorith, the Burning of Seal-din, and the Breaking of the World, all caused by the evil summoner Melchior, have created a fear and unrest in the populace of all the cities. When the tenuous peace following the devastation was shattered by the minions of the necromancer Rilos, many began to flee across the southern sea to uncharted lands.

These explorers and settlers flee their homes in the hope of finding peace across the sea. Now is the chance for talented individuals to seize their desires in this new land. Whether it be conquest, land, or sheer power there is little to stand in their way.

Join them and find your own destiny.

Ok, so this is how the system is going to work. Each week the players will message me, GM Warden, what their characters are doing. Each week in the real world will be 2 weeks in game time. There is a messaging system in Obsidian Portal that we can use for the messaging. After I get the messages, I will post updates on the Adventure Log. If you want to work with others or some of the NPC’s, let me know during the week.

Remember, for each day you can only take so many actions. Spending capital does not take an action, but only 2 points of capital (Goods, Labor, Influence, Magic) can be spent per day. Earning capital, gaining experience, training animals, and similar DO count as a days actions. More can be found in the Ultimate Campaign book.

To gain capital, each day you choose to use your action on gaining capital, pick a type of capital (Goods, Labor, Influence, Magic). Then pick a skill that corresponds with that type of capital (survival or craft or professions for Goods, bluff or intimidate or diplomacy for Influence. Ultimate Campaign contains a longer list. The rule is: if you want to use a particular skill to gain capital, give me a good reason why that skill lets you. I will probably say yes). You may use a building to help you in generating capital, but only one building per day. For example, Victor Alestair owns several buildings (Smithy, Chicken Coop, Horse Pen) but only one per day can be used by him to generate capital. For more information on buildings and rooms, see the Ultimate Campaign rulebook.

We will use the character sheets and the wiki to keep track of everything. I encourage everyone to help build the wiki, the characters page, and the items page. If there is info missing from a wiki page, add it. I will be posting maps, items, and more as we progress. This should let us quickly and easily run the campaign.

Also, I am hearing that the list of buildings was misplaced somewhere. So remember what your own character had, I’ll take care of the village’s buildings. We will start from there. If I forget any buildings, a storm destroyed them. A list of buildings in the village is in Current Settlement Buildings.


Unification - A Time of Conquest

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