Greenbrow's Gardening tools

Tools for the exotic farmer


While quite a bit more expensive than your average farming tools (roughly 3 to 5 times the cost), they offer a variety of benefits to your farming life:
Plow: While the enchantments vary, the plow allows you (usually) allow you to turn normal dirt into nutrient-rich soil, good for even more exotic plants.
Pick: The pick will allow for destruction of even the most stubborn stones allowing you a boost to your ability to remove all stones from a larger piece of farmland in half the time.
Gloves: The enchantment on these gloves vary from being better at pulling weeds to extra dexterity when handling more delicate/exotic plants.
Scythe: This scythe is not only enchanted but well built so that it can be wielded with ease and can cut through even ironwheat with ease.


These were created by a somewhat talented wizard who later in life named himself Greenbrow. He was originally born a commoner and had worked on farms for most of his life till he discovered his lineage and gifts. Once he discovered his ability he decided to become a wizard for the common people and began creating enchanted items that would make a working mans life easier. He has come to much fame where he is from and his tools and ideas have spread far and wide among the common folk though the royalty and nobles think little of him.

Greenbrow's Gardening tools

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