Unification - A Time of Conquest

2 Week Update - October 26

And thus two weeks have passed. The village continues to prosper and the settlers are safe. The only event to mar this tranquility is the 2 people missing: the new female settler who went off after the retreating goblin force and Varion, seen running into the woods behind her.

Vilheim Trubear has adapted quite well to the pace in town, even beginning to build an Inn nearby. A Common Room was completed with an attached Bedroom for himself. To celebrate his new establishment the entire village was invited to a party at his Inn. The night was clear and the company excellent as the weary settlers celebrated their prosperity.

Victor Alestair has been gathering many resources for the labor parties he has requested from Bay. His stockpile has been growing these last 2 weeks in preparation of the influx of workers to arrive in 2 more weeks. While news of an undead assault on Bay has threatened new shipments, the other coastal cities are happy to pick up the slack.

Violet has finished the dock on the river as well as a Workstation, creating a perfect Dry-dock and Waterfront area. This new business is sure to draw in ships to dock directly in town, as opposed to at the beach a half days walk away as they have been.

The Ratal’s, Eldon and Ivy, have finished their new home. Ivy has begun to explore the nearby fields while her father Eldon gathers food and supplies.

Near the final days of these 2 weeks a visitor sailed into the burgeoning town on a small skiff from upriver. The stranger was an orc dressed in all manner of finery. He wore no armor and only carried a simple short sword. He announced himself as the ambassador of the Kingdom of Garegru, a predominately orcish nation. Rumors had spread further into the continent of new settlers and he was sent to open communications.

He introduces himself as Rothun and asks for a place to stay for a few days. He inquires about the town and what it may have to offer. (Any who wish to communicate with Rothun, message me).



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